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Ways of working

This section explains how the GovWifi team communicates and organises our work. It’s not exhaustive or fixed, so feel free to update it.

How we communicate

We use Slack and email.

The main Slack channels are:

  • #govwifi - for work-related chat
  • #govwifi-core-team - for non-work-related things
  • #govwifi-monitoring - for automated alerts including pull request updates
  • #govwifi-water-cooler-chat - for informal, non-work chat and socialising

All Slack messages are deleted after 2 weeks, so put anything you might need to refer back to in an email or in a Google doc.

Please put your leave in the Digital Delivery Holiday Calendar and working pattern in the team calendar.

How we organise our work

We work in quarters and fortnightly sprints.

Speak with the GovWifi product manager and delivery manager about product road maps. They will have the most up-to-date documentation setting out what we plan to work on.

We use Jira to track our progress. We have separate boards e.g. backlog and for our current sprint.

Our work is all saved in the team Google drive. There’s a Google drive index if you need help navigating it.

We have a support rota. Everyone is on support for one week every month - although this changes depending on the size of the team.

The team does not make any changes to the production servers / environment on a Friday/last day of the working week unless there is a critical issue that needs resolving.

Team charter

Our Team charter (note: this will be migrated to another platform shortly) sets out how we’d like to work as a team. It includes things we value, and behaviours that we expect of team members.

We review and update it at the start of every quarter.

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