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Table of contents

Joiners & Leavers

This should be a complete list of tools/services that new technology team joiners should be given access to, and leavers be removed from.

Joiners checklist

Try it out!

  1. Sign up to GovWifi!
  2. Ask your tech lead to add you to the Admin Portal and Admin Portal - Staging


  1. Request an AWS account.
  2. Ask RE-GovWifi (#re-govwifi on slack) to add you to GovWifi account(s) - process is described here
  3. Set up your access to the infrastructure - includes access to databases and ssh.
  4. We use GovPaaS in some places. See Platform as a Service - Get started. Once you have an account, ask your Tech Lead to add you to the govwifi organization.


See secrets for getting access to shared secrets, certificates and keys. Someone on your team will need to add you.

Development and deployment

To understand how all fits together, check the Service Operation Manual.

Monitoring and support

Other bits and bobs

  • Trello GovWifi team
  • Notify
    • GovWifi
    • GovWifi-Staging
  • Google groups, current list of groups:
    • GovWifi Team
    • GovWifi-Critical-Alerts
    • GovWifi-DevOps
    • GovWifi-Feedback
    • govwifi-support

Leavers checklist

Open a “Leavers ticket” with Estates and IT, and remove them from everything under Joiners checklist.

In particular:

  • you may still need to remove them from teams, even if they use GitHub/Google OAuth.
  • make sure to remove any personal GPG keys from secrets and SSH keys from infrastructure, when they exist.
  • all shared secrets should live under secrets.


For completeness, the following accounts exist but are not being used. They use a shared account.