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Deploy Terraform

Terraform is deployed on the commandline using make commands configured in the govwifi-terraform Makefile.

Please refer to the govwifi-terraform README for detailed instructions on running Terraform.

The instructions here provide a high level overview of deploying changes in our Terraform


Environment Region Name AWS Account
Staging London staging 99**********
Ireland (also staging) 99**********
Production London wifi-london 78**********
Ireland wifi 78**********


These must be complete in order to deploy Terraform changes:

  • On-boarded to GovWifi’s AWS account
  • AWS credentials set up on laptop

It’s recommended but not required to use the gds-cli.

Deploy to Staging

Deployments in govwifi-terraform pull in changes using modules configured in the Terraform files located in govwifi/staging directory:

To deploy Terraform changes to the staging environment, navigate to the project root:

$ cd govwifi-terraform

Ensure the branch is up-to-date by pulling the latest changes from git (git pull).

Run the relevant make command:

$ make staging plan

If you are using the gds-cli which may be aliased to ‘gds’, use to the staging GovWifi account:

$ gds aws govwifi-staging -- make staging plan
$ gds-cli aws govwifi-staging -- make staging plan

Deploy to production

The deploy process is very similar to staging.

The production modules in govwifi-terraform are:

Note: wifi refers to components in eu-west-1 (Ireland).

Follow the same instructions for staging (i.e., navigate to the root project directory and ensure the branch is up-to-date).

The make command for production is:

$ make wifi-london plan

If using the gds-cli it’s:

$ gds aws govwifi -- make wifi-london plan
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