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Restoring Databases

The nightly database backups for each environment are stored an S3 bucket for each Govwifi environment called govwifi--london-mysql-backup-data. IT also keep an additional copy of these backups. In the event that we loose access to our AWS accounts, we can request a copy directly from IT. Databases can be restored from the nightly backups by following the instructions below:

Locate the gpg passphrase you need in the govwifi-build repo (for example the passphrase for staging is located here). Retrieve the secret using the following command PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=~/path_to_govwifi-build-repo-on-your-machine/passwords pass edit keys/<s3_encryption_file_name>

Download the file database backup file that you need and run:

To decrypt with gpg gpg --output govwifi-backup-databasename.sql.gz --decrypt govwifi-backup-databasenam.sql.gz.gpg

Then upload to the file to the bastion server in the eu-west-2 region, for example:

mkdir /tmp/db_restore

scp govwifi-backup-databasenam.sql.gz.gpg bastion.staging.govwifi:/tmp/db_restore

Unzip the file: gzip -d govwifi-backup-admin-databasename.sql.gz

Import into mysql (the database credentials are located in AWS secret manager) mysql -u <username> -h <hostname> -D <databasename> -p < govwifi-backup-databasename.sql

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