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Database backups

All the GovWifi databases are backed up at 3am daily by the internal GDS build server. In order to connect to mysql, it has to go through the bastion server.

The script that does the backups is located in:


Rotating our bastion server will cause these backups to fail with the following error


You can fix this by removing the entry from the /root/.ssh/known_hosts file.

SSH access requirements


You need to be on a GovWifi specific VPN to gain access to this server. To get on this VPN, you will need to open a support request on the GDS helpdesk.

User Account

Please speak to the RE-GovWifi team to get you set up on this.

You will need someone with SSH access to set up your user account on the server:

useradd -m -G sudo USERNAME

You should now be able to ssh into this server:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/bob -vvvv bob@ah-govwf-d-01.dmz.gds


To get notifications about these backups, please subscribe to the GovWifi-DevOps Google Group.

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