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Continuous Delivery

GovWifi uses Concourse for its continuous delivery.

Previously, the team was part of a multi-tenanted Concourse, known as Big Concourse, maintained by the GDS Automate team. Big Concourse was decommissioned on 15 December, 2021.

The team migrated to a single-tenanted Concourse, known as GovWifi Concourse, maintained by the GovWifi team and based on the big-little-concourse repo developed by the Platform as a Service (PaaS) team.

GovWifi Concourse

GovWifi Concourse is configured in the following repositories:

GovWifi Concourse Terraform

GovWifi Concourse pipeline configuration

There is further pipeline configuration in many of the GovWifi repos under a ci directory.

This includes task configuration (e.g., deploy, pre-build), relevant scripts, and a “pull request” YAML configuration (pr.yml) for specific pull request pipelines that run tasks like lint and test.

GovWifi Concourse is configured with three teams:

  • main: owned by the GovWifi RE GitHub team; meant for elevated admin privileges on pipelines and configuration.
  • govwifi: owned by the GovWifi CI/CD GitHub team; meant for general use, including running pipelines.
  • sandbox: owned by the GovWifi RE GitHub team; meant for testing Concourse configuration, spikes, etc.

Access GovWifi Concourse

In order to access GovWifi Concourse you must be on the VPN and be an approved member of the relevant GitHub team.

Please speak to the GovWifi SREs if you require access.

The GovWifi Concourse console can be accessed here.

Update GovWifi Concourse

GovWifi Concourse is updated by running Terraform on govwifi-concourse-deployment. Instructions for running Terraform are in the repo’s README.

Pipelines are updated using Concourse’s fly command. Instructions for updating pipelines using fly are also listed on the repo’s README.

Monitor GovWifi Concourse

GovWifi Concourse uses Prometheus and a Grafana-based monitoring setup for general observability of its infrastructure.

You must be on the VPN and be part of the relevant GitHub team in order to access the GovWifi Concourse Grafana.

The GovWifi Concourse Grafana dashboard can be accessed here.

Prometheus acts a data source for Grafana, pulling data from the relevant components to be displayed on Grafana dashboards.

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