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Continuous Delivery

GovWifi uses AWS CodeBuild for its continuous delivery.

GovWifi CI/CD history

Previously, the team was part of a multi-tenanted Concourse, known as Big Concourse, maintained by the GDS Automate team. Big Concourse was decommissioned on 15 December, 2021.

The team migrated to a single-tenanted Concourse, known as GovWifi Concourse, maintained by the GovWifi team and based on the big-little-concourse repo developed by the Platform as a Service (PaaS) team.

Over the course of 2022 the team migrated to AWS CodeBuild to align with Cabinet Office Digital tooling.

GovWifi CodeBuild

GovWifi CodeBuild is configured in the following repository:

Updates to the CodeBuild infrastructure configuration happen in Terraform code. Please follow the govwifi-terraform README guidelines for contributing, updating, and deploying code changes.

Pipeline configuration exists in buildspec.yml files in individual repos (here is an example for govwifi-admin)

Deploy using CodeBuild

The deployment documentation for Frontend FreeRADIUS code, GovWifi APIs, and Admin app requires access to Google Drive.

Use the following instructions for deployment:

Deployment access

A team member must be added as an admin to the govwifi-tools user account in the tech-ops-private repo in order to access and deploy pipelines in the AWS console. If you don’t have access ask in the #govwif Slack channel to be onboarded.

Once this onboarding is complete then team members can log in to the AWS console as the govwifi-tools user:

$ gds aws govwifi-tools -l

Monitor deployments

GovWifi CodeBuild uses built-in AWS monitoring for general observability of its infrastructure.

You must be on the VPN and have access to the AWS console to access the monitoring.

Log in as the govwifi-tools user and navigate to AWS CloudWatch to view metrics about the deploy process and pipelines.

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