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Add new AWS users

You can add new AWS users to the GovWifi AWS accounts by:

  1. First verify with the GovWifi developers whether to grant admin or read-only access.

  2. Add the user with the appropriate privileges to the Terraform code that describes GovWifi’s account. You need to get the pull request approved and merged by Reliability Engineering.

  3. Deploy the Terraform changes by:

    a. Navigate to the GovWifi account directory Terraform:

     cd terraform/deployments/re-govwifi/account/

    b. Using the gds-cli, initialise Terraform if you have not done so previously:

     gds aws govwifi -- terraform init

    c. Run plan on the Terraform project to ensure the changes are what you intend to deploy:

     gds aws govwifi -- terraform plan

    d. Run apply on the Terraform changes if you are happy to proceed:

     gds aws govwifi -- terraform apply
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