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Access bastion servers


Extract the SSH Key secrets for the bastion server:

  • staging secret name: keys/govwifi-staging-temp-bastion-key-20200717
  • production secret name: keys/govwifi-bastion-key

Find out the Elastic IPs for the bastion servers. You can do this by logging into the AWS console, and finding the instances which contain the word “Bastion”.

SSH Config

We recommended setting up an SSH config for ease of use. Instructions how to set up your SSH config exist in the Password Store of GovWifi where you can run:

PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=<password_store_dir> pass show ssh/instructions.txt

where <password_store_dir> is the path of the passwords directory of the govwifi-build repository on your local machine.

You should now be able to connect to each of the hosts using ssh and the hostnames mentioned in instructions.txt.


ssh example.hostname
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