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Access the AWS console

Access is via gds-users, and then assuming your role from the GovWifi account. You must be on the VPN to access the console.

Staging and Production are hosted within the same AWS account.

The GovWifi Account ID is 788375279931 and your role is in the form firstname.lastname-admin or firstname.lastname-readonly.

Use the gds-cli

You can also use the gds-cli to access the GovWifi AWS console.

Review the configuration instructions on the gds-cli README to set it up.

Once the gds-cli is set up, run the following command from anywhere in your terminal to login as read-only:

$ gds aws govwifi-readonly -l

If you have admin privileges in AWS, you can run a similar command to login as admin:

$ gds aws govwifi -l
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