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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery management

This section outlines Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) agreements and documentation available for GovWifi service. BCP and DR documentation is stored within team drive and is created to supports existing P1 procedures and comms.

Strategy for dealing with outages

  • Rely on a resilient architecture
  • Triage and fix the service if possible
  • Migrate faulty services to a secondary region if the primary region is offline
  • Complete environment rebuild in the new AWS account

Service ownership and decision-makers

The Product Manager decides when to invoke internal BCP procedures and migrate faulty service or recover environmnet in the new region. In his absence, Technical Lead, Infrastructure Lead and Technical Architect can make this decision.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery document is a primary reference for:

Other essential documents to support BCP and DR plan are:

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