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Leaving the GovWifi team

All good things must come to an end!

Things that will need to be done for everyone

These are the things that will need to be done for everyone who leaves the team.

Remove their access to GovWifi admin

Their access to GovWifi admin on production and staging should be removed. This also includes GovWifi ‘Super Admin’ permissions.

Remove permissions

Their access to the following should be removed:

  • the GovWifi Trello team and boards
  • the team Google Drive
  • Zendesk - they should be removed from [2nd/3rd Lin -- Zendesk Administration] view

They should also removed from these Google groups:

  • GovWifi-Core-Team
  • GovWifi-Support

Depending on their role, their access may also need to be removed from:

  • GovWifi’s Notify account
  • GovWifi’s Notify staging account
  • Google Analytics
  • the GovWifi-Critical-Alerts Google group
  • the GovWifi-Feedback Google group

If they use GitHub, the tech lead will remove them from the relevant GitHub teams (e.g. govwifi-developers). If they are also leaving GDS, the tech lead only needs to remove membership from the alphagov organisation on GitHub.

Things that will need to be done for a developer

Remove them from the GovWifi-DevOps Google group.



Their access to secrets will need to be removed.

Monitoring tools

Their access to these should be removed:

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