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Learn about the GovWifi applications

Our public-facing websites are:

Our services include:

  • FreeRADIUS servers, instances of FreeRADIUS that act as authentication servers (also known as the “frontend” servers)
  • An authentication API, which the FreeRADIUS servers call to help authenticate GovWifi requests
  • A logging API, which the FreeRADIUS servers call to record each GovWifi request
  • A user signup API, which handles incoming sign-up texts and e-mails (with a little help from AWS)

We manage our infrastructure via:

Other repositories:

  • Acceptance tests, which pulls together GovWifi end-to-end, from the various repositories, and runs tests against it.
  • Smoke tests, a collection of rspec with Capybara tests, using Firefox to access the live application. These smoke test the primary service journeys (authentication, sign-up, and admin site user journeys).

Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics is enabled for the admin site, product page, Technical documentation using the Google-provided javascript
  • It is enabled for the status page which hosted by Atlassian, using the Atlassian management console.
  • Access to the Google Analytics platform is provided on a case-by-case basis as it incurs a cost, and is generally only accessible by the team’s business analyst.
  • Any member of the team can view data collected by Google Analytics using Google Datastudio
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