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GovWifi Team Manual

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On Monday 7th November 2023, the GovWifi Team Manual is moving. The new address is

New Team Manual

This is the Team Manual for GovWifi. It should be a clear, accurate source of information about working on the service.

In particular, it aims to be:

  • an introduction to the service for new starters
  • a practical guide to common tasks that the team does

These pages are public. We work in the open, so feel free to add and update them with anything you think would be useful. However, do not add:

  • anyone’s personal details without their consent
  • passwords
  • secrets
  • IP addresses
  • any sensitive information - for example, about strategy or technology - that would be a risk to GovWifi or GDS if it was public

If you’re not sure, check with the product manager, delivery manager or tech lead.

Keeping the manual up to date

Anyone on the team can update the manual. It’s a shared resource and does not need a gatekeeper.

To update it, you need a GitHub account and to be part of the GovWifi GitHub team. You can then make changes from the repo. There are instructions on how to do this if you’re new to GitHub.

To make sure we do not forget about updating the manual, each page has a review date. When a page passes that review date, there will be a prompt to review it on the #govwifi Slack channel.

This page was last reviewed on 30 May 2023. It needs to be reviewed again on 30 November 2023 by the page owner #govwifi .
This page was set to be reviewed before 30 November 2023 by the page owner #govwifi. This might mean the content is out of date.